For warehouse logistics automation

MAG-Net Enterprise system is the tailor-made MHS (Material Handling System) for the management and control of logical and physical flows within automated warehouses.


Our thirty years’ experience in logistics automation and our close partnerships with market leaders of automated systems guide the designs and developments of 4th Level software solutions, capable of governing and optimizing the most complex automatic systems. The scalability of tailor-made MHS systems guarantees maximum flexibility for the functional growth of the software.


Software logics and automated handling strategies are ‘built’ in a customized way according to the physical characteristics of the plant and oriented to the needs related to plant typology (production warehouses, distribution centers, sorting hubs).


MHS application is web-based and does not require any local installation. It can be interfaced with any ERP management systems and can be integrated with all automation subsystems such as sorters, stacker cranes, miniloads, shuttles, heavy and light conveyors, vertical rotating or shuttle warehouses, AGV, LGV, anthropomorphic robots, etc.


Data and warnings related to plant flows  are monitored and historicized to be organized in customized KPIs so as to be shown on multi-device dashboards also through app.

The management of critical events is simplified through real-time warnings and automatic counter-measures for an immediate resolution of inefficiencies or plant stoppages.

Customer-oriented approach

Our software can be highly customized thanks to an approach focused not on products, but on solutions. We study, design, and develop software capable of covering all our customers’ requirements.

Support and assistance

Our specialized team provides steady support and assistance through a ticket platform and dedicated service. Our staff are always available for maintenance needs and training services.

Quality system

We provide a structured internal Quality Assurance method. Our team has advanced knowledge and experience in the field of Computerized Systems Validation (CSV), in compliance with GAMP and 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

Our solutions