Customer-oriented projects

Generating a competitive advantage means the pursuit of maximum efficiency in every operational logistics phase. This spirit is our engine for developing innovative tools able to cover every segment of warehouse logistics according to the Lean philosophy concept of continuous improvement.

All projects are costumer-oriented because we know each customer has different and specific needs.

Our team works every day to offer customized WMS, MHS or app solutions, fully integrable and based on the analysis of the company’s case history. Our goal is to optimize warehouse management and simplify logistical complexity.

Development is based on consolidated software modules that guarantee a tailor-made implementation in respect of sustainable project times and a proper effort in terms of pay-back and ROI.

Generating a competitive advantage also means the pursuit of perfection in every operational phase. This spirit is our engine for developing innovative tools that are able to cover every segment of warehouse logistics according to the ‘continuous improvement’ Lean concept.

Our solutions

Customer-oriented approach

Our software can be highly customized thanks to an approach focused not on products, but on solutions. We study, design, and develop software capable of covering all our customers’ requirements.

Support and assistance

Our specialized team provides steady support and assistance through a ticket platform and dedicated service. Our staff are always available for maintenance needs and training services.

Quality system

We provide a structured internal Quality Assurance method. Our team has advanced knowledge and experience in the field of Computerized Systems Validation (CSV), in compliance with GAMP and 21 CFR part 11 requirements.