APP Mobile

To take your logistics everywhere

We provide a structured expertise on the development of Business App solutions that are capable of expanding the evolutionary horizons of logistics to the mobile universe in support of the Supply Chain Management.


Following the current trends in digital transformation, we make it possible to conceive, design and develop multi-device and multi-platform (iOS & Android) app functions that are independent and disconnected from company systems or perfectly integrated with WMS, ERP, and other computerized systems.

The development platform we use is lean and reliable and allows us to make the most of the native tools of mobile devices, such as the camera, geolocation and data connection via wi-fi or SIM.


There are several fields of use and functionalities that can be implemented. They can be distinguished between:

  • Operational functions:
    for the physical execution of logistical operations (stock inventory, data collection, checks on machinery, goods management in quality control, work management in external areas, etc.)
  • Dashboard functions:
    through real-time querying on company DBs (operational dashboards, KPI indexes, warnings and critical data monitoring, etc.)

Off-line operations are also allowed. The data collected outside network coverage is stored locally on the device and later  synchronized on company servers. These solutions allow activities outside company networks, eliminating any infrastructural constraint, for example: at external or ‘seasonal’ warehouses, at the customer’s or the outsourcer’s , at a point of sale, on external production lines, etc.

The scalability of tailor-made app systems guarantees maximum flexibility for their functional evolution.

Multiplatform (IoS – Android)
Usable through any mobile device
Usable anywhere (no network restrictions)
Offline work capacity
Usable by anyone (suppliers/customers/outsourcers)
Graphic and functional customization
Supply chain collaboration

Customer-oriented approach

Our software can be highly customized thanks to an approach focused not on products, but on solutions. We study, design, and develop software capable of covering all our customers’ requirements.

Support and assistance

Our specialized team provides steady support and assistance through a ticket platform and dedicated service. Our staff are always available for maintenance needs and training services.

Quality system

We provide a structured internal Quality Assurance method. Our team has advanced knowledge and experience in the field of Computerized Systems Validation (CSV), in compliance with GAMP and 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

Our solutions