Bay Manager

To manage your warehouse’s yard and docks

MAG-Net Bay Manager is the stand alone web-based YMS (Yard Management System) product, which can also be integrated with any WMS and/or ERP. It is dedicated to managing operations at the loading / unloading gates and warehouse yard. It represents a further evolutionary step in the recovery of productive efficiency and for the optimization of intra-logistics activities. It achieves:


  • Reduction of waiting times  time slot management also through an app for gate booking and assignment
  • Reduction of parking times   reduction of parking fees or indemnities due to delays
  • Planned and balanced gate usage   optimal organization of human resources
  • Reduction of human error   efficiency of docking, loading and unloading phases
  • Security standards  reduction of chaos in warehouse yards
  • Recording, historicization and processing of data related to flows and events

All planned, ongoing and closing operations are visible and consultable through fresh and intuitive dashboards (also in APP mode) to enable real time supervision and coordination and to provide waiting drivers with the real-time state of activities.

The management of critical events is simplified through warnings and automatic communications for the immediate resolution of inefficiencies and blocking anomalies.

MAG-Net Bay Manager is web-based and does not require any local installation. It is supplied as a customer-oriented and customizable product in compliance with actual needs to ensure maximum flexibility for software functional growth. It can be integrated with any field subsystem such as LED displays, optical systems, vehicle blocking systems, gate opening / closing systems, RFID, etc.

Reduction of waiting times
Operative time optimization
Balancing of gate usage and human resources
Reduction of human error
Reinforcement of security standards
Data recording, KPI and statistics
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Customer-oriented approach

Our software can be highly customized thanks to an approach focused not on products, but on solutions. We study, design, and develop software capable of covering all our customers’ requirements.

Support and assistance

Our specialized team provides steady support and assistance through a ticket platform and dedicated service. Our staff are always available for maintenance needs and training services.

Quality system

We provide a structured internal Quality Assurance method. Our team has advanced knowledge and experience in the field of Computerized Systems Validation (CSV), in compliance with GAMP and 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

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