To track and trace your logistical flows

TRAC-Net is a stand-alone software, or integrable with any WMS to control the information flow of the whole logistical process of the goods. It is therefore recommended as a control tool in production environments.

The management of production, packaging, storage and shipping processes implies the generation and verification of product traceability information and consequent traceability along the supply chain.

The incidence of these problems is common to all industrial sectors and is particularly high in Food and Pharma supply chains. The management of the information flow enabled by TRAC-Net therefore represents an added value for the end customer in terms of quality, anti-counterfeiting strategies, anti-fraud and services offered.

To trace raw materials and every single component allows  the definition of production batches.

The system provides each packaging unit with a label containing all critical information reproduced and coded according to international standards (EAN). This ensures the possibility of retracing the history of the sales units throughout the distribution chain.

A strong information structure enables then the user to manage the traceability of the materials if anomalies occur or verifications are needed. The system facilitates the monitoring of the supply chain by identifying on the one hand the suppliers of components, and on the other hand the customers whom the goods have been shipped to.

In conclusion, TRAC-Net provides the following key functions:

  • Composition of the production batch with its associated information history
  • Collection and coding of information on raw materials, production plans, finished product and units produced
  • Monitoring of operational areas and tracking phases
  • Historicization of information about goods handling and shipping to customers.

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