Management of the entire product process

Management of production, packaging, storage and shipping processes can help to generate and verify product tracing information and tracking along the distribution chain.

These processes are most evident, and are often mandatory, in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. They are also important in other sectors and represent added value for the end client (in terms of anti-forgery, anti-fraud and quality control strategies with a positive impact on marketing).

The traceability of the raw materials and individual components which form a sales unit allows production batches to be defined within the production process, linked to the raw materials and components used.

By allocating each packaging unit with a ticket bearing information such as product code, production batch, expiry date, etc., which is produced and coded according to international standards (EAN), it is possible to trace the path of a particular sales unit along the distribution chain.

This way, if a fault is detected within a product batch, it is possible to trace the components used back to the suppliers and also to the customers to whom the product has been shipped.


  • formation of product batches and their history;
  • information concerning raw materials, production plans, finished products and product units;
  • operational areas to be monitored;
  • logging of shipping information.








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